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Latest News

Parkgene – Blockchain Airbnb but for Parking

Cities make parking more difficult and expensive to stimulate people to use other means of transport. There is a scarcity of parking spots, and parking garages can’t expand easily. Parkgene found the solution for this, it connects owners of empty parking spots with drivers that need a parking spot by using smart contracts via the Parkgene app powered by Parkgene’s own token; Gene tokens.   What is Parkgene Parkgene is the same idea as Airbnb,[…]

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Savedroid – Making Crypto’s Accessible to Everyone

What is Savedroid? Savedroid is an app on Android and iOS that helps people set money aside and cut down their spending. Users link their bank account to the app, and when a certain condition is met, a set amount will be transferred to a savings account. Conditions can be quite straight forward, like a certain percentage of your purchase on Amazon will be put in your savings account, or for instance when you run[…]

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Crypto Rating Desk on Telegram

We have created a group channel for anyone to join. We are hoping to create an engaged community where we can discuss ICO’s together. We will always try to answer any questions as quickly as possible. Please feel free to bring forward any ICO’s that you would like us to have a look at. We are excited to get in touch with our readers. Please also invite any fellow crypto enthusiasts, the more the merrier.[…]

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A Few Things We’re Great At

Out of experience, we know that we have to share, in order to be able to multiply.

So that’s what we do. We share our knowledge, ideas and thoughts with everyone that wants to multiply. 


We focus on the major variables that determine success, such as use case, quality of management, technology strength, community engagement and token cash flow, in order to help utility token buyers gain a deeper understanding of the project and platform.



Our in-house team of experienced and highly talented research analysts, and the market analyses these professionals bring to the table, provide our clients and the crypto market with the needed transparency to identify technologies and companies that are truly disruptive and will execute on their vision.



In the world of listed companies, Public Relations is everything.

This is how new investors find out about the company so they contribute and make the token price appreciate. 



Learning how to manage assets, analyze market trends (across markets) and act on it. does not come magically. Having access to the right information in the first place, especially in a still-fragmented market, is one of the most valuable insights any digital portfolio manager must access to make the right and informed decisions.


Our Happy Partners

The Right Partner Can Make The Difference


Crypto Rating Desk

drs. Edwin van den berg

Founder and CEO  of

Senior Lecturer International Financial Management

Fundamental & Technical Analyst (20 years) 

Analyst Listed Real Estate (APG)
Private Banker Investments (FVL)

CFA Level I
Master of Business Administration

Joppe Sikma


CFO and COO,

Crypto Analyst

Honours student International Finance & Accounting

Fundamental Crypto Analist

Financial  administrator (MRIA BV. Greenhousens BV. BerryGoed BV.)

Jouke Hartman

CIO, Crypto Analyst  & Trader


Founder and CEO of  Invictus Capital Investment

Junior Investor at Dutch Student Fund

Activities Committee at Study Association Balans

Honours Student International  Finance & Accounting

Fundamental & Technical Trading in Stocks, Derivatives, Forex and Commodities

Token Portfolio Management

Listed below are several of the ICO’s that we have contributed to.

We expect to create a portfolio of 100 tokens, in order for us to generate a portfolio that will appreciate in value and/or delver a steady passive income in the form of recurring token cash flow. 


WePower brings green energy to the blockchain.


Savedroid helps people save money and makes crypto currencies accessible to the general public


Gimmer specializes in bot trading.

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Feel free to contact us if we can be of help to you! 

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