Electroneum – Release of Tokens & Portfolio Adjustment

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Electroneum – Release of Tokens & Portfolio Adjustment

Yesterday, Electroneum (ETN) finally released the tokens to the community and as expected, price plunged…from $0.12 to currently $0.07 (Cryptopia).

The ICO price was $0.01, so in the end, and after a lot of patience, it did lead to a great ICO result for the contributors, a possible 600% price exit. That’s acceptable and makes up for most of the negative energy that this ICO created.


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Portfolio Management

As many other ICO contributors, we used the release of the tokens as an opportunity to take out our initial investment (in $ value). We will keep the remaining coins in portfolio for the longer term, a free lunch for our investors. Our worst case scenario is a break even result: if price drops to 0, this trade only costed time and opportunity cost.

But if Electroneum does go mainstream, we still play along. Free money does exist.

Conclusion: we have limited our risks, but the upside potential is still here. That’s how we prefer it.

Check out our Portfolio of 100 here.


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