LHCrypto – Why You Should Join The ICO

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LHCrypto – Why You Should Join The ICO

Whenever we analyze new ICO’s, we mainly focus on the ones that have a solid and revenue generating business model in place (so more than just an idea), a strong management team and active in a growth market. And last but certainly not least, we prefer tokens that pay out a periodic cash flow to token holders (see video and cash back program below).

LHCrypto matches those requirements. And the first year, a 20% yield (from nominal value, see video) is guaranteed by the broker itself.

We contributed to the LHCrypto ICO, for 1% of portfolio. We could increase this to 2% (hard cap) of total assets once the token is listed. Check out our Portfolio of 100. 

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LHCrypto Ad 1 Cashback

LHCrypto Ad 2 Cashback


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