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Beside The Expected Potential Price Increase Of Trade Token, Are There Any Additional Profit/Benefits For Trade Token Holders?


Trade Token holders will be able to participate in the following:

  • Gain entry into the shared liquidity pool
  • Share in the liquidity pool profits/losses, based upon total contribution to pool (Trade Tokens, fiat, etc.) and activity
  • Intermediary currency with low transaction fee
  • Participate as a market maker on
  • Stored value

Our Contribution

We contributed to this ICO, as we’re interested in tokens that pay out a periodic cash flow (liquidity pool). Join this ICO today and signup here. 


Liquidity Pool

One of the principal benefits for holders of Trade Tokens that participate within the ecosystem for trading and arguably the most groundbreaking feature of the platform, is the opportunity they’ll be given to contribute a selected amount of the assets contained within their e-wallets to the shared, P2P liquidity pool.

Half of the profits (or losses) generated will be allocated (or debited) from the liquidity pool with those subsequently allocated pro-rata to the participants and paid out as fees on a daily basis. In other words, 50% of the daily revenues generates will be paid from the liquidity pool.

After reaching the minimum 2500 Trade Tokens held in the platform’s wallet that grant participants access to the liquidity pool, each participant will be paid a daily reward proportional to the amount of any accepted store of value (BTC, ETH,Trade Tokens, Fiat) contributed to the pool.

The liquidity pool will be offered to the participants once the required regulatory authorization will be obtained.


Liq Pool

Liq Pool 2

Liq Pool 4

Liq Pool 5

Liq Pool 3


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