LHCrypto ICO – Cashback Program

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LHCrypto ICO – Cashback Program


We prefer ICO’s that have a working business model, that generates cash flow for the token holders and is active in a growth market.

LHCrypto matches these criteria. Join the LHCrypto ICO today! 

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CASHBACK Program is the monthly distribution of a fixed share of the broker’s operational activity profits among the #LHCoin token holders.

Background: Accepting funds from clients to Forex broker’s accounts is a very expensive process. With bank cards transactions the broker loses about 6% from the deposit amount as a bank commission. Transition to crypto-currencies would allow us to save 5% from each transaction. Larson&Holz will distribute the saved funds among the investors.

Note that the CASHBACK amount does not depend on the broker’s profit: it is rather the total of all the clients’ payments into their trading accounts. These are tens of millions of dollars, and the amount will grow as the number of crypto-traders increases. These payments are fully automated and warrantied by the smart contract itself.

Join The LHCrypto ICO Today! 

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