CoinLoan ICO – Loans secured by CryptoAssets


CoinLoan  ICO – Loans secured by CryptoAssets

CoinLoan is a licensed fiat lending platform that secures and guarantees loans with crypto assets so you can hold onto your crypto instead of selling them when you need cash.


What is the difference between CoinLoan and other lending platforms?

  • The lowest interest rate on the market.
  • Providing loans in fiat currency secured on a crypto asset (cryptocurrency, tokens).
  • It’s possible to receive and provide micro loans.
  • Global exposure of lenders and borrowers.
  • Guaranteed repayment to the lender and full absence of risks.
  • Immediate proceeding of applications for loans.
  • Guaranteed loan reception without checking the solvency of the borrower.
  • Any individual/legal entity can act as a lender or a borrower without obtaining licenses for performing such activity.
  • The lender does not need to evaluate the financial solvency and potential risks before providing a loan.
  • Convenient ways of depositing/withdrawing funds.
  • It’s possible to refinance loans.

For Lenders

How can I start providing loans?

To start providing loans, please sign up at CoinLoan platform, replenish the personal account of your profile with fiat currency, choose the conditions of providing loans profitable for you and create an application within a few minutes.



CoinLoan – Loans Secured by CryptoAssets


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