TerraMiner ICO – Token with Projected Monthly Cash Flow Yield of 11%!

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TerraMiner ICO – Token with Projected Monthly Cash Flow Yield of 11%!

The exponential growth of cryptocurrencies’ usage as a medium of exchange creates a huge demand for mining capacity that is required to safely conduct and validate all the transactions performed in cryptocurrency networks.

The number of transactions in the cryptocurrency networks grows at an unprecedented rate that is expected to keep growing in the foreseeable future. Cryptocurrency networks experience a sharp demand in higher and higher hashrate by the day. And that provides opportunities to invest in.

TerraMiner has created an engineering solution of highly mobile mining farms that are easy to deploy anywhere in the world. The mobile mining farms are mounted inside a shipping container and are equipped with an alarm system, a fire safety system and an advanced immersion cooling system.

Investments in this high-tech solution will give investors access to the most flexible and reliable mining farm with an attractive projected ROI and a short payback period.

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Our Contribution

We will contribute to this ICO, as we expect TerraMiner to deliver diversification to our Portfolio of 100 and contribute to a periodic incoming cash flow.  This is, next to envion, our second contribution to a crypto mining facility.

The risk of the Terraminer project, as with any ICO, is simple: our contribution could end up worthless. That’s the risk we take into account and for this reason, we keep the individual contributions and our total ICO contributions as % of the total portfolio, limited. Especially if we take into account that the crypto market could see some more downside pressure in 2018 before a new uptrend starts. Currently, we have 15 contributions and we expect to increase it to 100 during 2018 and take advantage of a market slump.

Out of the 15 contributions, we have two small contributions to the mining sector (envion and TerramMiner), for two reasons: 1. get exposure to the growing crypto mining business and 2. we’re interested in the periodic cash flow from the tokens.

If you want to contribute to this ICO, then you can do so by setting up your account on the TerraMiner ICO page or click on the button below.



Team Experience

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Mission and Goals

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TRM2 Token

The TRM2 Token is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain.

TRM2 tokens grant the holders the following privileges:

  • The right to own 1 Megahash per second (Mh/s) for each TRM2 token the investor holds;
  • 50% of the mining revenue earned with the hashrate the tokenholder owns, the other 50% goes to the founders;
  • The right to reinvest 10% of the project’s revenue and increase the effective hashrate behind the tokens.



TerraMiner2 Profit Calculation

If you contribute 1 ETH ($800) to the Terraminer ICO, the Terraminer Profit Calculator projects that the tokens deliver a monthly cash flow of $85.71, and this equals a monthly yield of 11.3% (simple interest = 136% per year) based on a hash rate of

This compares to the 161% projected annualized ROI of envion. As with any projected return: the higher the expected pay off, the more risk the project should have. So be aware of this, there’s no free lunch.

The cash flow is expected to increase after the 10% reinvestment plan (compounding effect).

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10% Reinvestment Plan

Prof 10% reinvestment



Distribution of Revenue and Cost

All the investments in the project are allocated towards purchasing mining hardware and other technical expenses.

The TerraMiner Team takes on all the operational expenses: operational, legal, marketing, staff, PR and communication and advertisements, using its own budget for these causes.

Gross Revenue from the mining operation will be distributed as follows:

Revenue Share

Investors receive 50% of mining operations profits and cover no operational costs such as electricity, maintenance, rent, security costs, personnel salaries and other. Token holders receive profits as long as revenues of a particular farm exceed energy costs.

So that means that the profit of the token holder is dependent on the price of energy and the price of cryptos (revenue from mining). If the crypto market experiences downside pressure in 2018, then the TerraMiner business model will likely be negatively impacted and it might not reach the targeted return of a 11% monthly cash flow yield.


Token Sale Phases & Cost


TimeLine Cost



Hardware Specifications


Hardware 2

Hardware 3.PNG


Some interesting questions, from the ICO page.

If the Chinese government bans mining, what then?


We have a backup plan to move to Irkutsk, Russia. Electricity is even cheaper than the 5 cents per kWh we pay in Shaoguan. We want to launch a project in Russia as soon as we receive a clear understanding of the Russian government’s stance on the mining and cryptocurrency industries. Besides, our mining farms are mounted inside cargo containers that make our farm highly mobile by design. We can pack the whole operation up in mere hours and be on our way to a better place for the farm, wherever it may be. This is our advantage compared to other mining farms.

I read there is a Revenue Share program?

The revenue from mining is shared between the token holders and founders on an equal basis, 50/50%. The calculator on the website shows your profits after the company’s 50% cut. To find out about your profit projections, use the calculator, for example, if you invest $840 when the token price is $8.4, divide 840 by 8.4 and you get 100 TRM2. Enter this number in the calculator and see your projected daily, weekly and monthly profits as well as your estimated payback period.

When does the farm start?

The farm is launched and payouts begin as soon as the ICO campaign ends, which is sometime in April 2018.

What’s the minimum investment amount?

Minimum investment amount is $100.

How will I receive my dividends in BTC?

NiceHash pays out the mining revenue to our wallet on a daily basis. Half of that revenue goes to the common investors wallet. In the personal account your balance is updated with the amount of bitcoins correspondent to the number of TRM2 in your account, in other words, your share in the farm’s hashing rate.
You enter your BTC wallet and the withdrawal amount, then click “withdraw”.
Blockchain transaction fees are only paid by the company if the withdrawal amount is greater than $100, otherwise, the fee is on the user.

When do I receive my first profits and how is it going to go down?

Payouts begin after the farm is launched in April 2018. You will be receiving daily payouts in BTC to your BTC wallet.

What are the token growth drivers here?

The price of the token will grow due to the fact that our reinvestment mechanism will make up for and even override the rise in mining difficulty over time, improving the tokens’ profit yield. The company will reinvest 10% of some months’ revenue into upgrading the farm, which will make one token represent 1.4Mh/s in one year’s time. Besides that our tokens produce regular profit, are listed on exchanges and appreciate in value due to the increasing hashing power they represent.

For how long will I continue receiving profits?

You will continue receiving profits for as long as you are holding TRM2 tokens, it is a lifetime contract. The farm will be bringing you dividends for as long as its mining revenue exceeds operational cost.

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