TerraMiner – First Mobile Mining Farm Is Launched

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TerraMiner – First Mobile Mining Farm Is Launched

What a news to end the month with!

The first mobile TerraMining farm is launched and is already bringing profits!

29 December marks the day when after a few test launches the farm went operational with 36 ASIC-miners out of 108 available. You can see live worker stats via this link ►

TerraMiner plans to launch the other 72 ASIC-miners and thus make the first batch of hardware fully operational. As you may know, the second batch comes January 2018.

And something else to brighten up the day! 30 December at 8:00 AM GMT TerraMiner launched their second TerraMiner ICO! During that time they offer TRM2 tokens that represent a share in the next mining farm that they’re building next year. TRM2 can be purchased on the TerraMiner ICO website, at this time the  minimum investment is set at $100.

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