WePower- Frequently asked questions

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WePower- Frequently asked questions

This is the second article in a line of updates about the WePower ICO. The team from Crypto Rating Desk is very active in telegram chats from upcoming ICO’s to be able to further elaborate on questions that many people have and details that people want to be further informed on. The main questions that we see are asked to WePower are answered below.

There are nearly 100,000 people whitelisted for the ICO meaning that there is incredible attention for this ICO. We hope that not many of our readers will miss out on it.


What is the Hard cap?

The total sum WePower wants to raise is 35 million dollars. This amount is quite reasonable for a non-asset-backed token of this scale and function, and this amount compares well to other ICO’s.

How will the ICO proceeds be utilized?

The entire capital that will be raised during the ICO will be used to further develop the platform(45%), connection to the energy infrastructure(15%), making sure they comply with energy market requirements(15%) and finally to expand their operations.

How many tokens do I receive for 1 eth?

The current estimate is 4000 tokens per Ethereum, but this might change due to fluctuations in Ethereum price.

Where will the tokens be listed?

Unfortunately the WePower team cannot answer this question for now. They say that it will become clearer near the end of the ICO.

Do I need WPR tokens to purchase energy tokens?

You do not need to own WPR tokens to access the platform, anyone can access it. But WPR token holders do get priority.

What are the benefits of owning WPR tokens?

First of the all the 0.9% tokenized energy donation from energy plants financed through WePower is a big benefit. You receive free energy that you are able to spend or sell. Another benefit is that you need to have WPR tokens to be able to participate in crowdfunding a new plant, meaning holding the WPR tokens allows you to purchase energy at a discounted rate. If you have 1000 WPR tokens, you can purchase 1000 energy tokens. This last part instantly makes some bells ring in our heads. Because this means that there is a possibility that people that are successful with profiting from energy trading will come to the platform, and want to increase the volume of their trades by having to purchase more WPR tokens, increasing the demand. Or even just a homeowner that consumes electricity and wants to be able to purchase all their energy at a discount so they purchase more WPR tokens.


We were unaware of the fact that you need WPR tokens to purchase energy tokens at a discount, but this has only made us more excited about this investment opportunity. Maybe one day WePower will provide power for the Crypto Rating Desk office, who knows.


We hope that you are as excited as we are to participate in this ICO. For everyone that has not signed up yet, we have provided a link below, just click the picture!



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