Gimmer- A new way of bot-trading

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Gimmer- A new way of bot-trading

What is Gimmer?

Gimmer is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Gimmer connects to a customer’s cryptocurrency exchange account and then uses advanced algorithmic trading bots to make the trades on behalf of the customer – at parameters that the customer has set. No programming skills, no previous trading experience and no in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies is needed. As the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, the trading bots work 24/7 so that users do not have to monitor their trades and exchanges all day long. But the possibility to see them working in real time exists.




How it works

Gimmer has an easy-to-use interface which makes it ideal for beginners. The Gimmer team has set up good learning grounds with community driven forums and real time results of bots. Experienced traders can create their own strategies and rent them to other users, thereby making additional revenue and allowing users to learn from each other.

A useful tool offered on the Gimmer platform is the free backtest option. When the user configured a trading bot – including any number of indicators, safeties and currencies – the backtest shows how this particular strategy would have worked out in a previous period, i.e. using historical data.

The bots in the following picture are available at launch:


The gimmer team is already working more kinds of bots, for example: arbitrage and lending bots.

Gimmer trading bots connect to your chosen cryptocurrency exchange wallet meaning your cryptocurrency never leaves the exchange. Gimmer never directly holds your cryptocurrencies. This is a positive aspect since Gimmer does not have direct access to the funds of a user, i.e. that they will always stay in the external exchange wallet.


Gimmer’s beta success

In early 2017, Gimmer released a beta version available for

four months which was mainly used to validate the trading bots core functionality. In total, over 800 active users signed up, 7,170 active crypto-trading bot strategies were created, over 12,000 backtests were completed and the best
performance achieved an 87% return.


Gimmer Tokens

The Gimmer ecosystem has its own form of currency called Gimmer Tokens (GMR). Every purchase, rental, sale, exchange or fee made in the ecosystem will require the use of GMR Tokens. They are also used as reward for creating content in Gimmer’s integrated social network or expanding the Gimmer community by inviting friends for instance.

The GMR token will be implemented using the Ethereum/ERC20 technology and will not be tradable until the close of the public sale on 28 February 2018. The tokens are valued 1 ETH per 2,500 GMR (plus applicable bonus).


A drawback for investors is the fact that GMR Tokens are not offered as a security and do not pay any dividends, commissions or shares.

There will be no new tokens generated after the initial coin offering. They will be distributed through their in-app store which is also their only way of monetization. This also means that there will be no token burning.


The funds raised will be used as follows:



Gimmer’s core team consists of two senior developers, a global macro hedge fund manager and a creative design veteran. As compared with the majority of ICOs, Gimmer’s team is in-line with the relative standard, i.e. the quality of the team meets basic expectations. The CEO and CTO (both co-founders) have more than 13 years’ experience in the field of development, Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

However, three of the four core team members are balancing two other jobs next to Gimmer which is a possible risk.

Gimmer has a mathematician in their team, along with an advisor with a PhD in artificial intelligence and several other advisors that are important for this type of company.


Why to invest

Gimmer is an application for both unexperienced and experienced traders who are interested in cryptocurrencies and trading with bots. It includes advantages like not having to monitor the exchanges 24/7, using many build in features and renting profitable strategies from others and to others. In addition to that, the inner workings of the strategies rented will be kept secret to stop other users from copying them.

The Gimmer Token is seen as a utility token. There is no direct cash flow from investing in it, i.e. the main way to achieve a return on the investment is to use the token in the Gimmer ecosystem. However, it can be quite simple to use the Gimmer token and the platform – without costing much time. The user decides how much time, money and effort to spend on it.

Furthermore, the Gimmer token will be listed on Ether Delta as soon as the token sale ends. They are currently making arrangements for listings on other exchanges too.

Gimmer has plans to expand their platform. Some of them are:

  • Automated arbitrage bots (Quarter 3 2018)
  • Automated lending bots (Quarter 4 2018)
  • Added to 8 new exchanges (Quarter 2 2019)


The main reason to participate in the Gimmer ICO is to buy the GMR tokens at a discount. If the platform gains popularity and people will start using it intensively, the price of the tokens might increase, therefore, the ICO could be a good opportunity to purchase the tokens at a lower rate, to have the lowest possible cost of running a trading bot. The risk here is that Gimmer will not be as popular as hoped, and the exchange price will fall below ICO price, but then still you will have tokens that are perfectly good to use.

We are excited to see a platform that allows users to create their own strategies for trading and we believe that bot trading could play a big part in the future of the crypto market. Gimmer could be a great way for people to start learning how to capitalize on this opportunity.


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