TerraMiner 2 – Contracts For Life

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TerraMiner 2 – Contracts For Life

Starting today you can receive 12% bonus tokens on your investment!

We’d like to remind you that TRM2 goes for $4.5 per token, and each TRM2 entitles you to the profit from 1 Mh/s of our mining hashpower.

How’s our project better than cloud mining?

First, contracts with TerraMiner are lifetime, meaning you are receiving profits indefinitely, for as long as you hold the tokens of the TerraMiner project

Second, you can always sell your tokens on an exchange, fully returning your initial investment at a profit
Third, your profits won’t go down because of the rise in network difficulty since our tokens have a built-in reinvestment program that allows us to override the ever-climbing difficulty.

In just three days the bonus goes down to 9% – don’t miss out on the best possible terms.

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