Parkgene – Blockchain Airbnb but for Parking

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Parkgene – Blockchain Airbnb but for Parking

Cities make parking more difficult and expensive to stimulate people to use other means of transport. There is a scarcity of parking spots, and parking garages can’t expand easily. Parkgene found the solution for this, it connects owners of empty parking spots with drivers that need a parking spot by using smart contracts via the Parkgene app powered by Parkgene’s own token; Gene tokens.


What is Parkgene

Parkgene is the same idea as Airbnb, but for parking. It connects people that own a parking space and drivers that want to park. Parking spot owners earn tokens by renting out their space and it is fast and safe for people who need a parking spot. Parkgene is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Their aim is to create a more transparent and liquid way to park. Their target group are short- and long-term parking space renters.

Parkgene is not only for people that want to park their car, because in the future they want to expand their business to other car related businesses (car wash, tolls, automotive services etc.).

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Founders of Parkgene

Parkgene is founded by a team that owns the existing and proven app, Parkguru. Parkguru communicates with parking companies to show where the empty spaces are. Parkguru was built to simplify the way to find parking spots on-street and off-street. Parkguru will keep existing, but they will expand their business to peer-peer parking by creating Parkgene. Parkguru will share its existing engineers & developers with Parkgene. They already have a customer base of 50,000 customers.


How Parkgene works

Drivers that need a parking spot meet virtually with the owners of parking spots via the Parkgene app. When the driver reserves a parking spot, the full fee amount is paid to a temporary wallet. If the driver does not have sufficient tokens in their wallet, they have the option to use their credit card to purchase tokens on the spot, otherwise the transaction will be cancelled. After the driver has paid, he will have the ability to open the parking space from his phone using existing remote control tools that are already available on the market (Chamberlain, Nortec and others) or a specific device that Parkgene offers against a low price (Parkgene Internet Door Opener – PIDO), the Parkgene team assures it will not exceed $29. This device is still in development, so it’s not available yet. But existing garage door opening devices can be linked to the app, so the when the owner gives the right to the driver, they can open the garage, when they are nearby. The parking space owner will receive 80% of the contract value in Gene tokens when the driver checks out the parking space. From the remaining 20%, 5% is paid to the driver and parking space owner if they place a review or a rating for the app. And the remaining is paid to Parkgene to cover operational costs.


Parkgene launched an app called Genewallet, with this app you can manage your Gene tokens, but also other crypto-tokens, for example: Bitcoins (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and other crypto’s. And in the future, you can pay with your Gene tokens at car washes, gas stations, toll etc., with your Parkgene app.


Token sales

During the token sale, Parkgene will issue a crypto token named: Gene token (GENE) on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Token sale base price (GENE) $0.10
  • Total GENE 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)
  • Total sale hard cap 350,000,000 GENE
  • Accepted forms of payment: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH) and USD.

Remaining unsold GENE tokens will be burned.


Success factors

  • Proven team and technology: Parkgene is based on the already existing application called “Parkguru”. It operates in Europe and North America, and has more than 50,000 users. The team has already proven itself with their successful app Parkguru.
  • Big expanding market: Cities are facing critical issues of traffic jams and unsufficient parking spots. The amount of cars and congestion levels are still rising. The parking industry is in $100 billion business and still growing.
  • Power of the sharing economy: Trust and familiarity with sharing economies are growing, so will the users. Uber and Airbnb set the pace for the future, they proved the concept of a shared economy. People being to trust it and are beginning to understand all the advantages of shared economies.
  • Automotive industry transformation: Autonomous cars without divers, require services that can book their own parking spots. The owner will walk away and the car will park and pay itself. These autonomous cars can be linked to the Parkgene app, which will lead them to the nearest parking spot.


Why should you invest in Parkgene?

Parkgene has an already proven concept named Parkguru with over 50k of users. It has a solid team with a lot of experience in the application development and business management.

Parkgene can easily expand to other automotive service markets, for example car wash, toll, gas stations etc. So there will be more opportunities to pay with Gene tokens. The parking business is still growing, the numbers of cars are growing and parking spots are become scarce which leads to a growing amount of drivers that are going to use parking apps. We believe that people will see the convenience that Parkgene offers, and has the opportunity to quickly grow in user base because of their existing app.


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