World-WIFI – Free Decentralized WiFi

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World-WIFI – Free Decentralized WiFi

What is World WIFI?

World WIFI is a free decentralized WIFI network based on privately based owned routers. The owners of these routers share their WIFI network with people that need WIFI access. Guests can use the WIFI network for free, but when a user connects to the network, they first need to watch a small advertisement, when the advertisement is finished they can use the network for free, and they don’t have to worry about safety anymore, because it is separated from other connections. So guests can’t log into the provider’s computer and guests cannot see the provider’s data when they’re connected, which often is not the case with open networks.

To become a host, people only need to download software to their router and register on . They ensure a safe network for the user and the host by using 2 separate networks on one router, without influencing the host’s internet speed and security. This is possible because private users never use the full bandwidth, so it won’t slow their network down and malicious people can’t break into their router because it is separated from their private network. So it’s a win-win situation for everyone. The guest user can use internet for free, the router owner earns crypto currency and the advertiser can advertise very specifically and at a price three times lower than average.

World WIFI has a very big target group, everyone that wants/needs internet, nowadays almost 3.9 billion people use internet per day. To reach this target audience, the service need to be user friendly and known under the population, they want to achieve this by doing an ICO and developing their existing services.

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Founders of World-WIFI



World WIFI has an experienced team with already proven knowledge. The co-founders of World WIFI are also the co-founders of two successful WIFI-services companies, called Adrenta and Radius. Adrenta is a WIFI hotspot company and Adrenta is an advertising agency focused on WIFI advertising. They already have more than 100 partners, in 80 cities and over 100 employees. This means they know how to manage a company in this complicated industry, and could mean that World WIFI is a good addition to their existing firms.

How World-WIFI works

When connected to the system, by having a referral link or initial invite, the router creates and installs software, which makes it available for guests to get on your network. It is isolated from the home-network on software level, so people who are connected to the network won’t have access to the computers on the main network of the router owner.

When a guest is connected to the network, guest users will see targeted ads, which will fit/appeal to them. The router owner’s income depends on who the users of his guest network are and how many ads they view. The World WIFI software analyses location, search history, preferences and other parameters required for advertisers to target their audience.

An invite is needed to connect to the router platform. An invite is a referral link related to the owner’s wallet in the World WIFI network. The referral program works as follows: all router owners (wallets) pay a commission on ad views to those router owners, with a initial invite, who have connected them to the World WIFI network. In this way, router owners are interested in expansion of the system, because they get a small commission from every ad view the other router owner has with a reference invite. In this way, router owners are interested in the expansion of the system and will cause a continuous growth overtime.

As mentioned above, there are initial invites and reference invites. You can get an initial invite if you invest at least $15,000 in the token sale. This is a lot of money, but when you have an initial invite, you can earn your money back by the commissions, 25% of the ads you get from people who use your referral link. If you want to invest a small amount of money, you can buy some tokens and obtain a referral link by someone who has an initial invite. But the downside of this is that you have to pay an ad commission to the owner from who you got your referral link.

Why do they need an ICO?

 The founders of World WIFI already have a working business model with their two current companies (Adrenta and Radius WIFI services). The reason they are doing a ICO is for the development of the network and to make it more known under the population. People that contribute in the token sale stage have the opportunity to develop the network and receive revenues in the future, so they stay engaged.

 Token sales

WeToken (WT) is a utility currency used in the World-WIFI platform, all transactions in the platform are only conducted in WeToken.


The token sale will start on 18 April till 18 may 2018

  • 258,000,000 WeToken’s (WT) will be available in token sale
  • 1 WeToken = $0.10 = 10 ad impressions
  • Soft cap – $3,500,000
  • Hard cap – $25,000,000
  • ERC223 tokens will be issued during the token sale
  • Accepted forms of payment: Bitcoin (BTC) & Ethereum(ETH)

Any unsold tokens will be burned

As illustrated below, the token price will increase during the pre-sale period, to encourage early investors.


Token distribution


 Why should you contribute to World-WIFI?

  • It’s three time cheaper compared to other advertisements.
  • World WIFI enables the advertiser to choose their target audience based on characteristics as gender, age, search history and gender.
  • Very experienced and promising team with already proven knowledge with their two other WIFI network services firms.
  • Nine-fold increase of WIFI-hotspots in the last four years.
  • Growing amount of WIFI-hotspots, 279 million public hotspots in 2018 and it will be 542 million hotspots in 2021 according to expectations from experts. This amount is still growing because of the use of smartphones.
  • Internet advertising costs continue to increase, the market will increase by 13% and reach the value of $205 billion in 2017. The share of internet advertising will increase from 34 to 36.9% of the total volume of the advertising market.

Based on the factors listed above, we believe that World-WIFI has the potential to be adopted by a large group and can attract companies that invest in advertising through World-WIFI


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