Monaco Estate – Cryptocurrency for Real Estate

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Monaco Estate – Cryptocurrency for Real Estate

The Crypto Rating Desk team is happy to announce that we are part of the advisory board of Monaco Estate, a company that invests in Monaco real estate. Over the next weeks, we will discuss what exactly Monaco Estate is, the business model, the market, the people behind the company, the risks that come with contributing to Monaco Estate and finally the reason why we believe that a contribution to Monaco Estate will be added value to (y)our portfolio. But first, a brief summary of the company.

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What is Monaco Estate?

Monaco Estate is a Swiss based company that is going to invest ICO proceeds into Monaco real estate. The source of income for the company is the rent received from the properties. The Monaco Estate token (MEST) is a token with payout, which is one of our favourite kinds of tokens. 60% of the profit will be paid to the token holders, and 40% will go to a fund that is used to increase the amount of real estate holdings. When renting a property owned by Monaco Estate, it is possible to pay the rent in MEST tokens, which is an incentive for people to purchase the tokens other than investing purposes. The team consists of two highly qualified people, but more on them later.

Introduction Video to Monaco Estate


This concludes the first installment of a series of articles on Monaco Estate. Stay tuned to find out exactly what we think about Monaco Estate.


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