GigTricks Scam Exposed

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GigTricks Scam Exposed

There are several things that I have learned from my experience with scammers related to how they target. One thing that I learned is that they target ICO’s that look really good. They target the better ICO’s because they don’t want to be asked too many questions, since they don’t read the whitepaper, they just want to get straight into taking people’s money. But, if you manage to convince them that you will make a large contribution if they answer your questions right, they will answer. Another thing that I have learned is that they target telegram groups that are expanding rapidly. The scammers always start talking to the newcomers, so groups that are gaining a lot of members continuously give them a solid stream of people to target.

The team members of a company that is launching an ICO will never actively contact people to make contributions via any other way than through the method provided on the website. People should always make sure that they are talking to an actual team member and not an imposter. Scammers usually add or remove 1 letter from  the Telegram username of the person they pretend to be.

As I said in my previous article as well, I like to talk to these scammers just to keep them busy. While they are wasting time on me, they will not be able to (try to) scam others.  The encounter that we will go over in this article is my favourite yet, due to the ingenuity of the scammer and his responses had me chuckle almost every time. I messaged this scammer after seeing someone in the GigTricks ICO Telegram chat talk about an impersonator, and he sent a screenshot of the scammers Telegram profile, where of course there was a letter added to the username to make it seem he was the rightful CEO. Let’s see what this guy had to say for himself:

Amir and Amiiiiir.png



A bonus of 70%?!

Either this guy just wants me too get a bad deal, or he doesn’t know that the actual pre-sale bonus is 75%. And about becoming a VIP member, it looks like GigTricks has all roadmaps and progress public, so what even is the VIP club? “Once you are a VIP member you will understand”, this is the best way to sell something that I have ever seen.


I hoped the scammer freaked out when he heard the average investment that my very legitimate fund does. I was very happy to get him to do his homework for the first time by looking into what the actual CEO is like. I love it when I waste their time.


Thank you very much for helping me with the graphics (sarcasm). I really hoped here that he would go onto the website and into the whitepaper to retrieve screenshots from graphics, but unfortunately we’re dealing with a very lazy scammer.


“We know that 3 mechanics are better than one.”

I got the ACTUAL CEO (Amir Shaikh, with only one “I” in “Shaikh”) of GigTricks to answer these questions, let’s see what he has to say:

“Why did you choose 3 mechanics while other ICO’s usually only choose 1?”

We believe all ICOs are different from each other. When we do market sentimental analysis we see that extreme volatility within the crypto space, therefore it was much need to create a ROI vehicle for all investors which almost practically ensures that they are not going to lose their money in the long run. In addition, the economic usage of the tokens will also provide added advantage to the token value

“How did you come into the freelancing business?”

I managed major project management companies in the past and also managed several hundreds of employees from resource planning down to company profit/loss responsibilities. Long story short I was personally not happy with the availability of opportunities available to the people who would like to start their own business. I think it’s more philanthropic power inside me which motivates me every single day.


Some more answers by the real CEO:

“Will advertisers be incentivized to use graphic design freelancers from the GigTricks platform?”

Yes they will be incentivized and I think it’s a win-win approach for all ecosystem participants.


“Can you comment on your team?”

“You need to be able to blend leadership and develop trust with those you work, by demonstrating yourself as a leader and not a manager. This is the secret sauce of a successful company”. This is exactly what I told to when they featured me in the article here.


This is my response to him saying that “the advisors are certainly the best”:

These screenshots were taken from the GigTricks website ( Does anyone recognize these handsome fellows? Oh wait, that is us! I was baiting him to have a look at the advisors of the project and then discover that he’s talking to one of them, but of course, since we are dealing with a lazy scammer, he didn’t look at the advisors.


This here is one of my favourite parts. I googled “investors contract” and took the first image I saw. And then his response to me saying he was familiar with it was:

“Sure I am”


This is the format I sent him:


Half 1


We have to take a little de-tour here. These next screenshots were sent to me by the CEO of GigTricks where the scammer is actually impersonating none other than me!


Amir 1Amir 2Amir 3


As you can see here he just added “01” to my username and then went with it, I guess you can’t misspell my actual name without it looking really weird. What I think is hilarious here is that he is using the exact words that I used to him, which he is probably doing because he is lazy, or maybe he really thinks I’m great at speaking to CEO’s. He is too lazy to create a fake contract himself, so what he is doing here is pretending to be me, so that the real Amir Shaikh will send him the contract he needs so he can forward it to me. Bill Gates once said that lazy people will always find the easiest way to do something, right? I respect his efforts to get the contract from Amir, but in reality this plan is more like this:

Let’s get back to my chat with him.

half 2

Does “Stratton” sound familiar to anyone?


So suddenly I am the scammer?


It turns out that the guy in the picture above is someone else he was impersonating, but that picture was still among his profile pictures on Telegram, so I really hoped it was actually him and he had forgotten to take that picture down.

The CEO sent me even more screenshots that he had received from someone that was being “scammed” by the same guy.

Other guy 1

Other guy 2

Very carefully read the TX hash. I love seeing that others are also messing with scammers.

The Twist

After he was exposed and knew he was onto him, we started talking as to why he was scamming people. He said he needed the money to provide for himself and his family. He told me that no one had fallen for his scam so far and I actually managed to convince him to stop scamming. I wondered if he really quit, since he could just be using a different account now. But then he did something that I did not expect; he messaged the CEO of GigTricks, Amir Shaikh (while still using the account where he pretends to be me).

Apology 1Apology 2Apology 3Apology 4

He wanted to help Amir with making his telegram group safer by helping with detecting the scammers. I fully agree with what Amir says in this last picture “Join bounty programs, do the work and get paid in crypto”. Joining bounties and helping ICO’s with promotion is more rewarding than trying to scam people out of their money and will minimalize the enemies you make online.

I told the (ex) scammer that he should actively participate in the GigTricks bounty so he can earn tokens. When the GigTricks platform is launched, he will able to exchange the tokens to get his skills verified on the blockchain, and then he’ll be able to do freelancing work. Not to worry though, he will not be able to scam people on GigTricks, since the GigTricks platform is scam proof.

At the time of publication of this article, the scammer says he has not gone back to scamming. He has become a bounty hunter and has found people that he will promote. I introduced him to someone that will be able to help him become a good bounty hunter so he can make a living doing so. One scammer down, a lot more to go.


All silliness and scam talk aside, my positive remarks on GigTricks are very much true. As I said to the scammer, I am very glad to see that GigTricks seems to care a lot about the value they offer to their investors. What I also like is that GigTricks is helping people on their platform receive work from advertisers by incentivizing companies to use labour offered on the GigTricks platform to create their ads. Along with thousands of others, I am very excited about the GigTricks ICO. If you would like to learn more about GigTricks, and my opinion on the ICO stay tuned because for the coming weeks I will be releasing articles about GigTricks where we take a deep look into the company and token.

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If you would like to impersonate people and try to scam people out of their money, as Amir and I have said before, grow up and get a real job!


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