GigTricks – Chase Your Dream

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GigTricks – Chase Your Dream

Do you have a friend that could use a hand with their new business? Does one of your family members deserve to receive a little extra? GigTricks is launching a campaign that might be able to help, called “Chase Your Dreams”. People can nominate family, friends, co-workers, actually just anyone, to win GigBit Tokens from the Chase your dream contest. The big reward will be 1,000,000 GigBit tokens, but smaller amounts of tokens ranging from 5000 to 500,000 tokens will be handed out as well. If you know someone that deserves to receive a little extra, nominate them for the contest. Watch the video below to see what the campaign is all about:

Over the next 16 weeks, GigTricks will select nominated people that will receive a certain amount of GigBit Tokens weekly.

Visit the website to find out the weekly rewards, and of course to see how you can nominate the special person that you’ve had in mind since the start of this article.

Click below to visit the contest


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