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The founder of Crypto Rating Desk, drs. Edwin van den Berg, saw an opportunity to create a project in which the world of Living Technology (cryptocurrencies, blockchain) will be combined with two of his other passions: The Financial Markets and The World of Education.

The Crypto Rating Desk website was created to share honest views on upcoming ICO’s and report on news about tokens post ICO. The CRD team hopes to create an engaged community where people come to discuss ICO’s or can ask others to look into an ICO related issue to get a second opinion.

Why do we analyse ICO’s?

  1. To potentially make a contribution and add the token to our portfolio.
  2. To learn about this relatively new way of raising funds for companies, and the blockchain technology behind it.
  3. To share our views with the community and thereby help others.



Part of the income generated by the CRD website is allocated to two funds; a fund to create university scholarships and a fund  that is used to support the Dutch Heart Foundation.

The founders chose to support these causes because they hope to have a positive impact on other people’s lives. Both founders are very passionate about helping others and these funds create the perfect opportunity for that.

Why were these particular causes chosen? Both causes come very close to drs. Edwin van den Berg. As mentioned before, he has a passion for educating university students and the readers of his blogs/websites. He does not just want to send knowledge to his students, he also wants to develop them in their way of thinking. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to educate themselves if they really want it, financial means should not be a barrier, and that is why the CRD team has created the scholarship fund.

They chose to support the Dutch Heart Foundation because of Edwin van den Berg’s son. You can read all about that story on theheartofaboy.com.





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