CRD Project

The founder of Crypto Rating Desk, drs. Edwin van den Berg, saw an opportunity to create a new project in which the world of Living Technology (cryptocurrencies, blockchain) will be combined with two of his other passions: The Financial Markets and The World of Education.

So he started this project, to eduacte the young ones, and make them familiar with the financial markets, analysis of business models and investing and portfolio management.



Our goal is to analyze upcoming ICO’s, for three reasons:

  1. Contribute to the ICO – Portfolio of 100. 
  2. Develop the financial, marketing, reporting, communicating, portfolio management skills of the students that we are responsible for.
  3. Earn referral tokens for our Student Graduation and Scholarship Fund. Whenever someone contributes to an ICO, through one of our referral links, we will earn referral tokens.


The students will have to perform an in-depth analysis of the ICO they select and pitch their investment idea to the Investment Committee.

If the analysis leads to a positive investment score, and the student is able to convince the Investment Committee of the positive outlook, then a new ICO contribution of 0.5% – 1% is made.



Wouldn’t it be nice to leave high school and/or university with a bag of tokens that have value? Well, that’s the plan.

Whenever a student makes it past the Investment Committee, and a quality CRD Report is published, then they will be entitled to 60% of the referral tokens. These tokens have to stay in portfolio till the date of Graduation.

The other 40% of the referral tokens will be split between admin (25%) and our scholarship reserve fund (15%).




work in progress