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Parkgene – Blockchain Airbnb but for Parking

Cities make parking more difficult and expensive to stimulate people to use other means of transport. There is a scarcity of parking spots, and parking garages can’t expand easily. Parkgene found the solution for this, it connects owners of empty parking spots with drivers that need a parking spot by using smart contracts via the Parkgene app powered by Parkgene’s own token; Gene tokens.   What is Parkgene Parkgene is the same idea as Airbnb,…
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Savedroid – Making Crypto’s Accessible to Everyone

What is Savedroid? Savedroid is an app on Android and iOS that helps people set money aside and cut down their spending. Users link their bank account to the app, and when a certain condition is met, a set amount will be transferred to a savings account. Conditions can be quite straight forward, like a certain percentage of your purchase on Amazon will be put in your savings account, or for instance when you run…
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Crypto Rating Desk on Telegram

We have created a group channel for anyone to join. We are hoping to create an engaged community where we can discuss ICO’s together. We will always try to answer any questions as quickly as possible. Please feel free to bring forward any ICO’s that you would like us to have a look at. We are excited to get in touch with our readers. Please also invite any fellow crypto enthusiasts, the more the merrier.…
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Exmo – Retrieving Paid Interest Through Tokens

What is Exmo? Some of you might already be familiar with Exmo, as it is an existing crypto exchange. Exmo started in 2014 and has since accumulated 1.200.000 total users and 200.000 daily visitors to the Exmo platform. The total trading volume over 2017 was $3.7 billion. Currently they offer 46 currency pairs, but are soon hoping to reach over 150 pairs. The average number of people that sign up every day is around 10.000.…
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Contributions to Gimmer and WePower

We made contributions to Gimmer and WePower today. We’re very excited to use both platforms. The WePower ICO has already been sold out. This happened shortly after the expiration of the individual caps. WePower was an incredibly succesful ICO by raising $40 million in a little over 5 hours! We hope that our readers did not miss the opportunity to contribute to this project! The Gimmer token sale is still open for contributions. The current…
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TerraMiner 2 – Contracts For Life

Starting today you can receive 12% bonus tokens on your investment! We’d like to remind you that TRM2 goes for $4.5 per token, and each TRM2 entitles you to the profit from 1 Mh/s of our mining hashpower. How’s our project better than cloud mining? First, contracts with TerraMiner are lifetime, meaning you are receiving profits indefinitely, for as long as you hold the tokens of the TerraMiner project Second, you can always sell your…
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LHCrypto – 7 unique features

7 unique features of the LHCrypto project, from their ICO website: 1 We already have a working business model. Moreover, it has a long history and we have a large client base.   2 Larson&Holz is not just a web-site, it is a real company. We have been in the market since 2004, we have a large number of offices and partners in different countries of Asia, Europe and Latin America. Over a hundred first-rate…
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Gimmer- A new way of bot-trading

What is Gimmer? Gimmer is an automated trading platform for cryptocurrencies. Gimmer connects to a customer’s cryptocurrency exchange account and then uses advanced algorithmic trading bots to make the trades on behalf of the customer – at parameters that the customer has set. No programming skills, no previous trading experience and no in-depth knowledge of cryptocurrencies is needed. As the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, the trading bots work 24/7 so that users do not have…
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WePower- Frequently asked questions

This is the second article in a line of updates about the WePower ICO. The team from Crypto Rating Desk is very active in telegram chats from upcoming ICO’s to be able to further elaborate on questions that many people have and details that people want to be further informed on. The main questions that we see are asked to WePower are answered below. There are nearly 100,000 people whitelisted for the ICO meaning that…
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LH Crypto – Launch Demo Account

From the corporate website: Click this link to visit the LHCrypto YouTube Channel. This is good news, as it brings us one step closer to a working business model. And as soon as it is operational, we expect to receive the cash flow from the cash back program, the main reason we participated in this ICO. Join the ICO here, you have until January 31, 2018.

TerraMiner – First Mobile Mining Farm Is Launched

What a news to end the month with! The first mobile TerraMining farm is launched and is already bringing profits! 29 December marks the day when after a few test launches the farm went operational with 36 ASIC-miners out of 108 available. You can see live worker stats via this link ► TerraMiner plans to launch the other 72 ASIC-miners and thus make the first batch of hardware fully operational. As you may know, the second…
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UKG +114% – Now At Bittrex

Good news for everyone that contributed to the UnikoinGold ICO: as of today, it trades at Bittrex and price is up by 114%.  Although we have the UKG position for the long term, we do like the way it is going.  

TerraMiner ICO – Token with Projected Monthly Cash Flow Yield of 11%!

The exponential growth of cryptocurrencies’ usage as a medium of exchange creates a huge demand for mining capacity that is required to safely conduct and validate all the transactions performed in cryptocurrency networks. The number of transactions in the cryptocurrency networks grows at an unprecedented rate that is expected to keep growing in the foreseeable future. Cryptocurrency networks experience a sharp demand in higher and higher hashrate by the day. And that provides opportunities to…
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WePower – Clean energy to benefit everyone

What is WePower? WePower is a platform for energy producers, consumers and investors. Consumers can purchase clean energy (solar, wind and hydro) with cryptocurrency, to then consume, or to sell the energy later, and even gift the energy to someone they know. This is all made possible by tokenizing the energy. One energy token will be worth 1kWh. These are current problems in the energy industry:  Why is WePower interesting for investors? WPR token holders…
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CoinLoan ICO – Loans secured by CryptoAssets

  CoinLoan  ICO – Loans secured by CryptoAssets CoinLoan is a licensed fiat lending platform that secures and guarantees loans with crypto assets so you can hold onto your crypto instead of selling them when you need cash.   What is the difference between CoinLoan and other lending platforms? The lowest interest rate on the market. Providing loans in fiat currency secured on a crypto asset (cryptocurrency, tokens). It’s possible to receive and provide micro…
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LHCrypto ICO – Cashback Program

  We prefer ICO’s that have a working business model, that generates cash flow for the token holders and is active in a growth market. LHCrypto matches these criteria. Join the LHCrypto ICO today!  CASHBACK Program? CASHBACK Program is the monthly distribution of a fixed share of the broker’s operational activity profits among the #LHCoin token holders. Background: Accepting funds from clients to Forex broker’s accounts is a very expensive process. With bank cards transactions the broker…
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BitDegree ICO – Revolutionize The World of Education with Blockchain

Universities and higher education institutions are universally failing to fulfil their mission – to teach their students well. The gap between the needs of employers and student knowledge already exists and is widening. BitDegree innovation is a possibility for businesses to initiate and maintain dialogue with upcoming talent and reward them for achievements through smart-incentives. The BitDegree platform will offer students the best online courses with a clear and transparent blockchain based reward system and achievement tracking.…
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INS ICO – Blockchain & The Grocery Market

A 3 minute video that explains the attractiveness of the INS business model, how it could decrease grocery costs by 30% and how blockchain will change the grocery market. We contributed 1% of our ICO portfolio to the INS ICO. Feel free to join this interesting ICO. The minimum purchase is equivalent to 0.1 ETH. Check out our Portfolio of 100 here. ICO – Liquidity Pool

Beside The Expected Potential Price Increase Of Trade Token, Are There Any Additional Profit/Benefits For Trade Token Holders?   Trade Token holders will be able to participate in the following: Gain entry into the shared liquidity pool Share in the liquidity pool profits/losses, based upon total contribution to pool (Trade Tokens, fiat, etc.) and activity Intermediary currency with low transaction fee Participate as a market maker on Stored value Our Contribution We contributed…
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