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How do I contribute to an ICO?

If you would like to contribute to an ICO, then you need the following:

  1. a My Ether Wallet (MEW), a digital wallet where you can store Ethereum and tokens. You can also use the wallet to receive or send currencies. Create your own Ether Wallet here.
  2. Ethereum = investment currency for the ICO. Buy Ethereum here and send it to your Ether Wallet address (see 1).
  3. Go to the ICO you prefer and create a new account. Copy the ICO Ethereum address.
  4. Log in to MEW and send the desired amount in Ethereum to the ICO address mentioned in the ICO dashboard.


  • How to create a new wallet on ? —> click here.


Do you have some tips?

Something we highly recommend to anyone thinking about contributing to an ICO is that you follow the company’s social media, and moreover, join the company’s Telegram chat. On Telegram you will be able to ask questions you might have about the ICO, and admins of the chat or employees will try to answer them.

But beware, there are scammers out there on Telegram trying to get you to make a contribution to the wrong address.

Always check in the Telegram group if you are speaking to an ACTUAL admin if you message one in person. There have been people that try to copy the admin’s username, but there will always be an error in their spelling of the name. Admins will be labeled as “Admin” next to their names on telegram chats.

To be 100% sure that you contribute to the right address, always make your contributions through the ICO’s website, and not through an article on Telegram.


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