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In our assessment of any upcoming ICO, we highly value the experience of management, the growth stage of the business model and the economic viability of the token. Furthermore, we take into account the current crypto market trend, how it might affect the ICO and last but certainly not least, we prefer tokens that pay out a periodic cash flow to the token holders.


Once we obtain a token position, then we value (add, hold, sell) these tokens based on two methods:

  1. The present value of future cash flows (Fundamental Analysis & DCF method), and;
  2. Price action, based on Technical Analysis.

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Portfolio of 100


Our goal is to create a diversified portfolio of 100 tokens, that pays out a periodic cash flow to the token holders.

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Latest ICO Contributions

December 29, 2017

15. TerraMiner ICO


December 22, 2017

14. BitDegree


December 22, 2017

13. CoinLoan


December 15, 2017

12. Envion ICO

Envion logo

December 10, 2017

11. NAGA ICO (ended, trade at HitBTC)


December 9, 2017

10. TokenPay

logo tokenpay

9. Crypterium – CRPT

CryptoBank for Cryptoeconomy


8. CryptoTickets – TKT

Ecosystem Event Ticket Industry

7. LHCrypto – LHC 

Platform, Financial Markets


6. INS –  INS

The Grocery Industry

5. trade.io – TIO

Platform, Financial Markets

4. Tokendesk – TKD

Direct Token Marketplace

3. Cobinhood – COB – ICO ended

Platform, Financial Markets

We sold 95% of tokens at $0.28.

2. UnikoinGold – UKG – ICO ended

eSports Betting

Initial ICO Investment Recouped after ICO, Funds will be Re-Invested in new ICO’s.

95% Remaining Coins in Portfolio = Free Lunch

1. Electroneum – ETN – ICO ended

Payments and Mobile Mining

We sold 80% of tokens at $0.07.

20% Remaining Coins in Portfolio = Free Lunch



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