Pre-Sale ICO Fund (PSIF)

Your Partner in ICO Research and Portfolio Management

What if you have the chance to join the big players, the whales, and contribute to ICO’s on much, much favorable terms? 

Over the last few years we have analyzed and contributed to 100’s of ICO’s. ICO’s that have interesting business models that offer a real solution, that are equipped with strong management teams and are able to deliver a token structure that benefits the seller as well as the holder. 

But we were never able to participate in the earliest stage of the ICO, the Pre-Sale. And that’s where the best deals and the highest return to risk (Sharpe ratio) can be realized. 

So we started our own investment fund, the PSIF: Pre-Sale ICO Fund. 

And we are in the process of making it possible for anyone to join! 




Whenever we analyze ICO’s we pay specific attention to the following characteristics: 

  • The Information In The Whitepaper
  • The Business Model
  • The Growth Stage Of The Business
  • The Problems Of The Market & The Solution(s)
  • Experience & Background Of Management & Developers Team
  • The Token Structure & The Expected Relationship Between Supply & Demand
  • The ICO Capital Spending Structure
  • The Social Community
  • The Risks Of The Project
  • The Reasons Why We Believe That A Contribution Will Deliver Added Value To Our Portfolio.

Our Crypto Analysts analyze these aspects of an ICO and deliver a research report which will be discussed in our CRD Team. Based on this discussion, we will decide to contribute to the ICO (or not). 






Out of the 100’s of analyzed and internally discussed ICO’s, we select a few to which we make a contribution. And then we thought, what if we can improve the conditions to which we contribute to the ICO’s? 

That would significantly increase our Sharpe Ratio: the risks will stay the same, but the expected return will significantly increase. 

For example, let’s assume we have analyzed an ICO and decided to contribute to the ICO in the 1st stage of the ICO, as we normally did (strategy 1). Regarding strategy 1, we get a 10% or maybe even a 20% bonus in ICO tokens on top of our contribution in Bitcoin or Ethereum. And that would provide us with a cushion of 10%-20%, before we hit the break even level. 

Now, let’s assume that we can enter the ICO in the Pre-Sale phase (strategy 2). Besides adding value to the ICO in the form of our advice, in case of strategy 2, we will also benefit from contributing in the early stages of an ICO by receiving more favorable conditions. In general, if the big players contribute in the Pre-Sale phase, the bonus on top of the contribution in Bitcoin or Ethereum equals 50%-100%. That would mean that we can take a 50% hit on the token price before we hit our break even level. And that, my fellow investors, is a big game changer. It will significantly decrease the risk of our contribution and combined with our positive advice on how to improve the project at the earlier stages, it could lead to a significant outperformance compared to strategy 1 and of course, to the general market. 




Currently, we’re in the process of raising capital from investors. If you would like to receive more information or contribute to the Pre-Sale ICO Fund, then please feel free to contact our CEO, drs. E. (Edwin van den Berg), either by email ( or by mobile: 0031-6-48463842. 


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